Quest for the Rainbow Goddess

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Quest for the Rainbow Goddess

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Are you ready to meet your Inner Rainbow Goddess? Uncover, create and find her through heART questing at the canvas using your goddess intuition!

There’s an infinite, magical BEING within you, seeking creative expression. It’s a part of you that may be waiting right now … just waiting …for you to step into your BIGNESS!

And when you open the door to this greater part of YOU, all the creativity, magic, miracles and infinite possibilities of the Universe become available to you, setting you free to literally create the life you desire – unfettered by the limits of the rational mind.

This…is an elemental, life changing journey to find your INNER GODDESS with the aid of the divine feminine and Mother eARTh!

Quest of the Rainbow Goddess is a grounding of your new creative energy. and recognizing the creative POWER of your inner divine feminine.

It’s time to make your VISION for your life REAL and Reclaim Your Right to Your Creative Truth!

Quest for the Rainbow Goddess is for you if you are…

…a wannabe artist / a closet artist / a novice artist / a professional artist / an intuitive artist /…ANY artist!

…Ready to go multi-dimensional with art and your intuition

…You are being called to connect to your inner wisdom

…You are excited to meet your inner goddess guru and let her guide you into your next phase of living!

…You are craving connection with other feminine Rainbow Goddesses who are standing in their creative power

…You want a transformational creative practice to bring more FREEDOM, FUN and FLOW into your life…as a LIFE ARTIST

…45 or over and ready to take back your creativity! ( Ok - you' don’t HAVE to fit into that age category! :D )

During the next 8 weeks we will:

Quest together though AIR, FIRE, WATER + eARTh modules.

Create FREEdom without any strings or expectations -

Learn to be PRESENT in the moment with my easy, layering painting method where anyone and everyone succeeds!

Wildly have FUN playing (yes, PLAYING) at the canvas!

Really ENJOY the journey instead of racing to get to the finish line

LET GO of perfectionism, of past and future, of all that has you stuck - and all that is stopping you from becoming who really want to be!

Get clarity, journeying together - and expecting loads of DIVINE DOWNLOAD in the form of intuition and ARTMAKING!

Here’s what you’ll get:

4 biweekly group sessions where I’ll teach, coach, and encourage you, fire you up, and we will paint together!

Weekly Videos and PDFS where I coach and teach you through the Quest for the Rainbow Goddess process

Journaling / Reflecting Prompts

Painting/heART prompts

Lifetime Access to our private Quest for the Rainbow Goddess Facebook group - that you can refer to, connect with, and learn from forever!

Access to my Teachable ‘Quest for the Rainbow Goddess” Course for LIFE - no matter how many edits or additions I make, you still have access to the new material!


A side of high vibe energy, laughter, and some serious FIRED UP creating!

— My video course of 10 easy art ‘hacks’ - I’m all about easy and fun! My goal is for you to have enough knowledge to confidently dive right in!