Private Intensive 8-week Living Your Artistic Truth Private Coaching Package


Private Intensive 8-week Living Your Artistic Truth Private Coaching Package

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Are you ready to make quantum leaps by making art a part of your daily practice? Whether you’re a closet creative that is contemplating unpacking her creative suitcase for the first time in years, or someone who is serious about incorporating art and spirituality into your life, Debby is the girl for you!

This program is for women who are ready to get serious about reconnecting to their genius and recognize the importance of getting the support they need to leverage them out of the funk and into the creative flow.

Together, we will:

  • Develop your confidence as a creative. Together we will  unearth your skills as a creative so that you can play to your strengths. We will work together to identify and overcome your fear and reframe negative self talk so that you can shift limiting beliefs, find your flare as an artist and leap to the next level. (VALUE: $1297)

  • Design your artistic vision board. Together we will explore your preferences through the use of a personalized artistic vision board, which includes a collection of work from your favorite Artists along with other inspiring imagery, so that from the beginning, you’re  creating art that is aligned with your true interest and personal artistic style. (VALUE: $297)

  • Activate your creative flow. The key to doing your greatest work as an artist is being able to effortlessly tap into your zone of genius. We will work together to equip you with the methods and techniques for busting through creative blocks so that you never have to be worried about losing your flow. (VALUE: $1297)

  • Create your first piece of intuitive art. By connecting to the spirit of your inner artist with the use of creative visualization techniques you will develop artwork that is the fullest expression of who you really are. You will walk away with a breath of inspiration and hard evidence that you are exactly where you’re meant to be! (VALUE: $500)

  • Establish your daily artistic ritual. In order to develop your discipline as an artist it’s essential to cultivate your practice through the use of visual journaling. Together we will develop a creative ritual that keeps your energy levels high so that you can get into the habit of producing high-quality work. (VALUE: $197)

  • Establish your artistic independence. Being successful as a creative professional requires that you have the creative IQ to operate independently beyond this program.! Together we will develop your artist toolbox so that your talents are in demand, and your viewers will be clamoring for your art work! (VALUE: $1297)

  • Package up your artsy goods. Together, we will  design a plan to help leverage you into the creative workforce and monetize your work as an artist. You will begin to implement methods that are designed to help you make money as an artist, by showcasing your work across a variety of avenues. (VALUE: $1297)

BONUS Jofelo sketchbook. You will receive a beautiful, handmade full grain leather refillable Jofelo Sketchbook, which will be a catalyst to your creative journey!  Your sketchbook is where skills are strengthened, ideas are journaled, goals are made, and designs are worked through. (VALUE: $35)

BONUS  Set of 36 Soft Core Prismacolor Pencils. Prismacolor is known in the art world for their rich color, smooth texture, and high quality pigments. You’ll be over the moon in love with these pencils that are superior for blending and shading! (VALUE: $50)


BONUS Pablo’s Choice 24 Watercolor Paint Set.  With a high quality water brush, professional standard paint brush, sponge, and mixing palette, this is a great quality, high pigment semi moist set that’s packaged for travel and ease. Pull out your sketchbook, open your palette, and you’re ready to create beautiful work no matter where you are! (VALUE: $50)

You’ll ALSO receive:

  • Recordings of all of our sessions to review.

  • Unlimited access to me via email & FB messenger for the duration of our time together so that you can get feedback and support from me between our weekly sessions.

At the end of our 8 weeks together, you will have total confidence in who you are as an artist,  you will have clearly defined your artistic style, and have mapped out your next steps so that you can begin work in a creative field. You’ll have created your first Intuitive artwork and you’ll have a plan for consistently captivating the attention to your dream audience. You will have all the tools to fully step into fulfilling your high calling of living your artistic truth!  

Total investment: $2997,  2 payments of $1555 or 4 payments of $777

Market value: $6267