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Intuitive painting class

Class Description: This is a 4-week workshop that focuses on Intuitive Painting Techniques. The workshop fee includes all art materials.

Dates: Saturday, Nov. 17, Nov. 24, Dec. 8, Dec. 15

Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Cost: $125 (for 4-week workshop and all materials)

Whats provided:

  1. 16 x 20 Canvas

  2. Paint

  3. Brushes

  4. Other miscellaneous materials needed for painting

Your will go home with a finished painting on canvas and the knowledge of how to continue your own artistic practice!

Where are your classes located?

All in-person classes are located at Studio One-Eleven at 909 N Mulberry St #100, Elizabethtown, KY 42701. This is a small, all-arts inclusive studio that houses yoga, dance, performing arts, and visual arts.

About my classes

My Intuitive Art classes for both adults and children involves a playful and spirited approach to creating richly satisfying Art. I provide a space to explore your creativity in colorful, achievable ways; enabling you to make works that feel nourishing to your creative Spirit. We will paint, collage, draw and engage our senses as we create.

Please note my classes are all about enjoying the process, not just creating a perfect finished pieces! (Although I really believe you’ll love the creation process) Instead, I will guide you to connect with your intuition and explore how that looks and feels, in paint. It's a beautiful journey within.

Do I need any experience?

Absolutely not. This is a journey suitable for beginners to seasoned Artists alike, because we are focusing on exploring our creative selves with color. I have been teaching for over 20 years and I have a knack for sharing easy techniques and art hacks in inspiring, achievable ways. You simply need to be open to exploring your own Inner Being as subject matter.

What is Intuitive Art?

Intuitive Art-making is a freeing, process-based experience of creating. Rather than planning our paintings from start to finish; we will paint, draw, cut and collage based on what lights us up, moment by moment. Remember creating freely as a kid? It's like that; through play, experimentation and enjoying the moment! This workshop will guide you into a new awareness that will help you become present so you can be guided to the part of you that is ONLY tapped into the frequency of love, possibility, and infinite abundance. Through the process, you’ll learn to BE or CREATE the change you want to see in your world. Science has proven that we use only a fraction of our mental potential, and you’ll learn to access aspects of your full potential while creating!

How do I access my intuition ... I'm not sure I know how?

Intuition is an innate part of being human. It's in the inner nudges you feel; the desire to try something new. It’s the gut feeling, the still, small voice inside. It is the intelligence that keeps us alive and exists within us, every minute of every day. In my workshops we will focus on simple, yet profound techniques to help us access our intuition. I will lead you into ways you can use in everyday life to strengthen this beautiful tool you've been given - we then explore these feelings practically, using paint, collage, and more. Play is an important part of this process.

Do I need to be able to draw?

No, absolutely not - but you can! Intuitive drawing is not about perfection, but rather creating an ‘essence’ of an image in your work. Everyone can draw intuitively, because the focus is on the feeling conveyed, not to reproduce an image to photographic quality. So, you don't need to be able to draw conventionally, but you will learn to symbolize your intuitions. It’s a win-win!

What if I don't like my work?

You might or you might not like your work, but what's important is that intuitive painting is a process and you're taking time to enjoy yourself NOW, not the final product. If you're interested in creating intuitively (if you're here reading this, I'd say that's a YES!), this tells me your rich inner intelligence wants to explore freely and without judgement. Art is a way to access this part of ourselves - it's all about willingness and courage to grow. There may be in-between stages you feel challenged by - it happens to me all the time! Trust yourself and keep going. The mistakes often turn into my best paintings!

I feel really unfamiliar with intuitive process painting … How can I let go and trust, when I don’t know what I am working towards?

We have learned from an early age at school to set a task and complete it. How freeing it is to let go of tasks and just enjoy life! The first step forward is doing- the time spend together is less about the finished product, and more about the process of accessing your intuition. The more we work with our creative process, the more we learn that it always works out. We all need to take risks to learn and grow, otherwise, why are we here? Allow yourself to let go and experience the safe, loving cocoon of the Universe!

Can I get one-on-one coaching / teaching from you?

I offer 8-week one on one coaching packages to a select number of clients every two months. To dive into the possibility, answer the questions here and snag a free Creative Clarity 30 minute session with me to decide if we’re a good fit and how I can help you on your creative path.

Is this an Art Therapy course?

No. Many creative processes I employ are naturally nourishing; however my classes are not a substitute for medicinal or counselling support. I am an Intuitive Artist, not an Art Therapist and am unable to offer any counselling support.


My Intuitive Art Classes classes involve accessing our feelings, meditation, group-work and inner intentions and emotions for inspiration. If you have experienced acute, long-term physical or mental health conditions, stepping into bodily feelings could be a challenging resource to work with, especially within a community environment.  Please use your own intuition and discretion as to whether this feels like a perfect fit for you, as I am unable to provide professional medical support. We all need to feel safe to shine!