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Whether you know it yet, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

You may not believe it yet -

You may not even be able to say it.

But you CAN say, “Me TOO”.

Take that baby step.

When I started this whole thing, I was full of guilt, shame, and all my life I told myself I wasn’t enough.

But after hearing my dear friend and mentor one night say, “You can be FREE of ‘I am not enough’. You ARE enough…” I wasn’t able to say I was - but I was able to say “ME TOO”. I wanted what she had.

That little phrase, “ME TOO”, put me on a path of healing. And it will you too.

Download and use on your phone as your mantra! Look at it. Speak it. Say it to yourself. And get ready. <3

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Coaching Programs Supply Recommendations:

Supplies for coaching packages:

Sketchbook - I recommend the Canson XL Mixed Media one above. It’s heavy enough to accommodate marker and/or watercolor, and it’s all I buy.

Markers - A simple Crayola water-based set will do; however, if you really want to get into blending and artistic marks, the set above is what I recommend for the price. The price is about half if you order from Michael’s site by clicking here versus Amazon above. This is a good quality paint, inexpensive (always be sure to use the 40% or more off coupons!) and is what I still use to this day.
COLORS: I recommend you start with these colors as a base, and add on to them as you go, according to personal preference: white, black, red (cadmium red medium), yellow (cadmium yellow medium), blue (cobalt), cerulean blue, and magenta.
Optional colors that I love to use are burnt umber, pthylo green, metallic teal, metallic fuschia, and metallic gold.

Brushes: I have a variety of brushes - but my favorites that I use time after time are a thin script liner, a flat brush for backgrounds and washes, and an angled brush that is versatile (I use these for blending, lining, and filling in). All of the ones I’ve described are above in a set, along with a set of flat wash brushes for backgrounds.

Spray Bottle: I use one of these ALL THE TIME! I spray the canvas for a dripped look; and they are good to erase mistakes! Acrylic paint is very forgiving.

Optional Supplies:

Gaia Codex by Sarah Drew - Both an ancient, "found" wisdom text and an epic novel, Gaia Codex reveals the hidden histories of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera. This is a tale of hope, remembrance, and inspired visions. If you are attracted to the Divine Feminine, you will LOVE this book. I’ve read it several times and glean from it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene by Flo Aeveia Magdalena
This book totally changed my view of Jesus and his story. If you’re familiar with my personal journey, you know that I was raised in a very strict, cult like religious atmosphere and lived most of my adult life immersed in it. When I left the church several years ago, it’s been a journey to decode and discard what no longer serves me. This book was a life changer for me! The story relayed and channeled by Mary Magdalene is a wonderful tale of love, sacrifice, and again, portrays the role of the Divine Feminine in the life of Jesus. I really recommend this book!

16 pack reusable mandala / sacred geometry stencils - 16 different stencils, each is 5 x 5 in size. I have this set and use them consistently! They hold up well and are inexpensive.

Prismacolor Soft Core Colored Pencils, set of 36 in metal tin - When it comes to colored pencils, Prismacolor is the only brand I use. The brightness and variety of color, blending capabilities, and opacity is second to none. To take it one step further, check out the Prismacolor Colorless Blenders.