Extra AF!

I’m grateful for my inner gifts. The talents I was born with have been an intrinsic source of embarrassment, pride, ego, timidity, and joy to me. I know it’s hard to image a set of talents can cause one to feel that many emotions. But trust me, it has happened over the course of my life.

Gifts. Talents. I talk a lot about both, in my life as a teacher / creative coach and in my personal spiritual and painting practice. At an early age, it was evident I had in-born talents.

In 3rd grade I remember being at my great aunt’s home for dinner one night; after dinner, the family gathered in the living room and I spied the piano. I could not take my eyes off of it. Earlier that day, I had been in music class, and the teacher played the piano while we sang “Country Roads” by John Denver. (I’m showing my age and I don’t care :D) Anyway, I begged to sit down at the piano and when I was finally allowed, I put my hands to the keys, closed my eyes, and played what I had heard in music class that morning. I remember finishing and every eye was as wide as a silver dollar, every mouth gaping open and on the floor. I thought it was nothing out of the ordinary, because I had always heard the music in my head.

My parents had the good foresight to immediately get me into piano lessons. I loved the lessons and hared them. While playing the piano was a great outlet for my musical gift, I quickly learned just how much work it was to hone and perfect a talent. In my opinion, you can be born with talent or without it. Even if you feel you haven’t been born with talent, ABILITY CAN BE NURTURED. That’s right! I’ve seen it over and over and over again.

At an early age I also found I was gifted artistically. I used to rummage through my Mom’s kitchen drawers and come up with found objects to create a sculpture of skaters on an aluminum foil pond. Or sticks bound together to form a type of teepee shaped tent or sculpture.

My gifts and talents have been the bane of my existence and the joy of my life. It’s all how you look at it. I was embarrassed a big part of my life, because I thought if I let all of my talent show, I would be ‘too much’. And that’s something a country girl from rural Kentucky with a graduating class of 100 did NOT want to be. Extra. Nowadays, it’s different. I’ve grown and matured. I realized the world needs my inner gift. I can humbly say I’ve affected thousands of people over the course of my life with my musical and artistic ability.

I’m EXTRA. And I’m not ashamed.

What is EXTRA? Depends on who you ask. According to Cosmopolitan, extra is “a person who is overly emotional, somewhat difficult, dramatic, and/or a prime candidate for casting on the next Real Housewives franchise”. Ha! Not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about letting your voice be heard. Your talents can take the spotlight because the world NEEDS your gifts.

Here are three clues that let you know…You May Be Extra:

  1. Tap into your childhood. Did you fold aerodynamic paper planes or fingerpaint? I’ve known friends who drew accurate sketches of World War II aircrafts till the drawing skills went into flowcharts and circulatory systems. Think about the games you played as a child. Were you in the primary leadership roles? Were you one of those ‘bossy’ girls that had strong leadership skills that naturally came out?

  2. Look at your current job. Are you in a comfort zone that’s boring? Do you LONG or more? Do you have inner talents and gifts that you want to use but you have no clue how? Are you afraid your gifts / talents will make you stand out from the crowd?

  3. Your social media game: Are you all about making yourself known with opinions on social media, but right before you click the POST button, you relook the post over and delete it because you think it might be ‘too much’? Do you do this often?

I’ve done every one of these. I’ve known I was ‘extra’ for a while. I’ve just recently grown into my EXTRA big girl pants. And I’m ready to wear them proudly.

I love Amanda Frances at amandafrances.com . She is an amazing, confident self-made millionaire that works to help women step into fulfilling their dreams of entrepreneurship, talents, and money manifestation. She has an affirmation that made my inner light bulb come one! I have it in my bedroom and by my bathroom mirror. I say it to myself several times a day:

My work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation. I am giving my gifts to the world and am compensated well. The Universe supports my heartfelt work! ~Amanda Frances

Come on, you extra people! Let’s hear you ROAR! The world needs your gift. Step into it!

You can check out Amanda’s work and her tons of freebies here: Amanda Frances

Here’s a visual of Amanda’s affirmation to download, print, and say to yourself! AMANDA’S AFFIRMATION