Growing up, i experienced a life that resulted in intense OCD - trying to control what little I could in my life.

All i wanted was to be “enough”. I wanted to belong. I wanted to like myself, and I wanted to look in the mirror and not cringe.

I thought, “If I just DO more…BE more…then maybe…just MAYBE…I’ll get to the point where I’ll be enough.”


it didn’t happen.

I had no clue that I had the POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE.

On the outside, I was tough. I was like, “I’ve GOT this! It’s just a ‘thing’!”

but on the inside…totally different story.

my inner voice said,

“you’ll never be enough. no matter what. you just don’t have it.”

I hit a wall when, as a single mom of 3, I was totally rejected by the most important people in my life.

You see, I was raised in an Uber-religious, cult-like setting. My self worth, self-esteem, and whole identity was tied to my religion.

When A door opened for me to better myself by attending college, obtaining a degree and finally being able to financially support my children,


I was totally rejected by the religious box - the people who were my friends, my family, and my whole social network -

…because I was using my talents to better myself.

at first, the rejection hurt so bad I considered just throwing in the towel...and quitting it all.

Then one day, surfing the web, I saw a woman painting.  

she was real and relational.

She looked…HAPPY. LIGHT. FREE. I couldn’t even remember what that looked or felt like. But I knew I wanted what she had.

I joined her online creative ‘vision quest’ -

It was a gamble, really. How many times do those things ‘really’ work?

And WOW. I came to realize that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. I emerged weeks later a completely different person!


I learned to take back my inner power - and i’ve used it to create a life I didn’t have to take a vacation from!

Since then, I’ve created so much of the life I really want - not the one I ‘thought’ I had been handed.

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I teach women how to reconnect to HAPPINESS and FREEDOM using ART (yes, ART!), take back their power and stand in it - so they can open up the flow - and begin making life happen FOR them instead of TO them!

Listen - You’re here for a reason. Maybe you’ve seen me on Facebook, been to one of my painting workshops, or seen a YouTube video…and you’re thinking…”What’s this all about?”

You can feel it - down deep inside, stirring. You want to be…”ENOUGH”. You want to love yourself. You want to be confident, sure. You want to create a life you love. But…

you’re afraid…or you may not know how to even begin.


The choice is yours.

the transformation of being ‘enough’ rewired and transformed my inner voice, but other things changed too…

  • I began to view food differently - lost 120 pounds and have kept it off

  • My art became a joyful part of my daily practice

  • My vibe changed from guilt, shame, and anxiety to happy, light, and free

    I can’t guarantee you’ll lose weight - or sell art - but I CAN guarantee that using the canvas as a portal is transforming. I was for me and I know it will be for you too!

I can coach you PAST the fear - into a safe secure place of creativity (even if you’re NOT an artist) and discovery!

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working with me is bold, fun, and i bridge the gap between the left logical and right intuitive brain. It’s an all-immersive creative experience!


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